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Eurobike exhaustion

We’ve been full on for the past three days wandering through the giant halls of Eurobike. I can still barely grasp how big the thing is. I guess it’s easier to get a better idea when I say: there isn’t an open hotel room in an 80 kilometer radius…or so I hear. This is where Edith gets on the internet and tells me there are lots of hotel rooms – everyone is just looking in the wrong places and the wrong websites. Probably true, but I know people staying WAY outside of town. I feel bad, because we got super lucky. The event organization took care of everything for us, so we’ve been spoiled in a very much appreciated way.

Anyhow, I just meant for this to be a quick post with the main point being: this site is under construction. If you’re looking for anything semi-important, it’s probably going to be on our Flickr page.


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