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Coming soon!

We are working hard on getting the new site in order. Please bear with us and come back soon. In the meantime, you can keep up with our adventures: On Twitter! @jeredgruber On Flickr!

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Het Nieuwsblad Images

If you’d like to see our first race chase in a long while – head on over to Flickr!

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There are very few things that I regret having sold in my years as a bike rider. Three stand out above all others though, and I sold them all at the same time – July of 2008. I needed every penny I could scrounge together to move to Austria to be with Ashley. I had [...]

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I guess they weren’t wasting their breath after all

I’ve been suffering from a bad back for the last month and a half. It has made me question a lot of things. It has freaked me out in a big way as well. I took it for granted that my tweaked back would get better after a few days, or at the worst, after [...]

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The long road back to fitness…it hurts.

It got away from me at some point this fall… A solid five or so months of training led to some of my best fitness in a long, long time, perhaps ever, in September. After that, it all went to hell. We got home at the end of October, and I was intent on doing [...]

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Philippe Gilbert v. Greg Van Avermaet

I just wrote this up for fun… I had intended to spend a post devoted to the awesomeness of BMC’s 2012 team. And I will. Today, however, will be devoted to the world’s best rider and recent BMC signee, Philippe Gilbert. Confession: I have long been a huge Gilbert fan boy. At this point though, [...]

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This is a beautiful piece on the topic. I read it about a week ago, but I keep thinking about it. Talent. I had my first ever surgery on Tuesday. I had my wisdom teeth removed plus some extra bonus work on my gums. Turns out I really should have flossed all those years… I [...]

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Online Storefront

First off, thank you for your support and visiting our site! If you’re interested in the limited edition Passo Giau print – please email me for more information: ¬† The price is 100 dollars including shipping. Payment is via PayPal and goes to¬† If you’re interested in other prints or digital downloads, so that you [...]

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100 Limited Edition Passo Giau Prints

Thanks for visiting! We are offering 100 limited edition prints of the Passo Giau. The price is 100 dollars, which includes shipping. You can order the image via PayPal. Please send funds to: If you have any questions, please, email me: If you’d like to see thousands of our other images – head [...]

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Generic or Name Brand? Story Pitch.

Ashley wrote this note to the producers of our favorite source of listening entertainment on our bikes, This American Life. If you haven’t checked out the show – do it. Hi all – I’m a fairly new listener to TAL, but I thoroughly enjoy the show I was eating cereal this morning when a question [...]

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