Eurobike exhaustion

We’ve been full on for the past three days wandering through the giant halls of Eurobike. I can still barely grasp how big the thing is. I guess it’s easier to get a better idea when I say: there isn’t an open hotel room in an 80 kilometer radius…or so I hear. This is where Edith gets on the internet and tells me there are lots of hotel rooms – everyone is just looking in the wrong places and the wrong websites. Probably true, but I know people staying WAY outside of town. I feel bad, because we got super lucky. The event organization took care of everything for us, so we’ve been spoiled in a very much appreciated way.

Anyhow, I just meant for this to be a quick post with the main point being: this site is under construction. If you’re looking for anything semi-important, it’s probably going to be on our Flickr page.


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Back online

Sorry for the long disappearance. Apparently, the old website was hacked. I lost all of my writing and pictures that I posted to the site. That doesn’t sound like much, but I started online scribbling back in March of 2004. In some ways, this is a good thing, because there was a lot of painful, indulgent, boring writing in all of that. But still, it was my journal of sorts. Oh well.

We’re in Friedrichshafen, Germany now for the world’s biggest bike show – Eurobike. Considering that I was blown away by Interbike’s grand scale last year, I think I’m going to fall over when we walk into the show area(s) today.

First off – work and breakfast, then it’s time to put my bike dork hat on.

And as I sign off, a little shot from the article I’m working on for the next issue of peloton. I can’t believe we were actually in this picture. Well, Ashley was in the picture; I just took it.

[Group 21]-DSC_1551_DSC_1554-4 images.jpg

More soon, thanks for reading!

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